Relationships Rule The World

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Being recognized as an authority in your space requires the right relationships—with clients, other consultants, industry influencers and media.

But how exactly do you go about building and then maintaining those ties?

Listen in as Jonathan and I tackle relationships: how to connect with the right people, set up systems to ensure you make it a priority and the magic that happens when you build a cadre of interesting people.


“I’m pretty promiscuous on LinkedIn.” –JS

“Part of your relationship-building process has to fit with what you like, what you love to do.” –RM

“With social media, you can just explode your results 100 times over. You create the equivalent on Twitter especially, of these virtual rooms, these virtual cocktail parties.” –RM

“The more interesting people you’re connected with, I think, I just keep coming back to magic. It’s like magic. Magic happens.” —JS