Predictions For 2023

Yep, it’s that time again. Where pundits everywhere take their best shot at calling their predictions for the next year. And then there’s us…

This year, Jonathan and I weigh in on the upcoming trends we believe will have the biggest impact on expertise business owners. For example:

Planning around the amped up fear about uncertainty—recession, inflation, monetary policy, cryptocurrency, war, politics (just to name a few).

The power of building even more discreet and creative niches—and making money from them in new ways while serving people who energize and inspire you.

The birth of a major social media platform that optimizes information exchange within communities—with tighter controls on access.

Soloists will keep multiplying, especially those migrating from tech space layoffs and those disenchanted with corporate business-as-usual.

We crave connection even more after a long shut-down—we are drawn to those who help us feel connected in our work and our lives.


“There is going to be so much fear about things like recession, inflation, monetary policy, war, politics—and it’s easy to get sucked into that. But those who don’t—those who conquer it—have got the opportunity to up our game and take home a bigger share of the marbles.”—RM

“There’s a great line from Game of Thrones. There’s a character called Little Finger, and he’s talking about how the world will be thrown into chaos. And he says ‘Chaos is a ladder’. And it’s such a great way to look at it…like it can be good.”—JS

“Niching is actually fun because you’re finding your people, you’re finding the way that you can use your superpower…the next thing you know, your business is full of people who energize and inspire you.”—RM

“Another social media related prediction that I’ll make is that LinkedIn benefits from all of this bananas on Twitter.”—JS

“A reasonable number (of those laid off from tech) will say, you know what? I’m done. I’m done with somebody else having control over me…I am gonna do this on my own.”—RM

“There’s a really interesting development in the AI world called stable diffusion, which turns text prompts into unbelievable 2D images.”—JS

“Actuarial valuations were a commodity, but nobody recognized it until somebody decided to start a new firm and change the pricing structure. And then guess what? All the big firms dropped their prices and started to finally look at that data as a commodity.”—RM

“If your clients cannot differentiate you from other people who have a similar looking resume in any meaningful way—like they don’t see any meaningful difference between you and the next 10 people—then you’re on sort of thin ice.”—JS


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