Positioning In 5 Words

Quick—state your market positioning (what you do/who you serve) in 5 words. If that’s harder than it sounds, or you don’t love your answer, this episode is for you.

Being able to describe what you do in a few words helps your audience—from a cocktail party to a conference to your website—to “get” you and quickly make the decision to learn more.

Join Jonathan and I as we explore your minimum viable positioning statement, how to choose the right target market/ideal buyer and speak their language (hint: it’s all about outcomes).


“Basically, love and fear are the two main motivators with people.” –JS

“I believe that the way you pick your specialty is you start with what you really love to do and for whom you love to do it.” –RM

“The feeling is more important than the words to get you motivated and started and talking to people about what you do.” –RM

“One thing you’ll always see is a huge list of really impressive clients that they’ve worked with. And that, to me, becomes the thing that attracts new clients.” –JS

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