Obviously Awesome with April Dunford

Obviously Awesome with April Dunford

When I started reading April Dunford’s book, I couldn’t wait till we had her on the show. In Obviously Awesome, she simply yet powerfully explains the importance of positioning and how to do it.

She’s no less fabulous on the show—she not only clarified what positioning is and why it’s important, but she also shared her own journey to her current positioning and niche (hint: it’s wildly successful).

Join Jonathan and me as she also shares some of her client stories, describes how to know when your positioning isn’t working and how to approach it when you’re a solo.


“There’s branding and there’s positioning. Those two things are totally separate, and in fact, you need to have your positioning sorted out first, before you decide what your branding should be.” –AD

“Now I think there’s more of an awareness around positioning.” –AD

“Now, I’m booked up 3-4 months in advance, my rates are way higher, I work way less, and my clients are way happier, because I only promise to do this one very narrow thing, but it’s a super valuable thing, and if you’ve got this problem, who else you gonna call?” –AD

“If you’re going to make that investment in doing marketing, there should be a call to action in there.” –AD


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