Marketing Productively

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Marketing Productively

Of course you know you need to always be marketing your business. But is your marketing actually productive or do you sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Some signs your marketing might need a makeover: feast and famine cycles, a stream of bad-fit prospects and bouts of marketing madness bracketed by no marketing at all.

Listen in as Jonathan and I talk strategy, how to develop the marketing habit, the joys of specificity and using marketing as a way to build your body of work.


“If you’re running a business, you need to be marketing, full stop.” –JS

“Until you get really specific, those doors are closed.” –RM

“You may spend – especially when you first start something – as much time distributing, or even more, as you do creating the content.” –RM

“I really want everyone to have a daily habit around marketing their business.” –JS