Making Time For Marketing

Making Time For Marketing

Are you making enough time for marketing?

When you’ve got intense client deadlines, it’s tempting to back burner marketing because it’s not billable and no one is pressuring you to deliver. But of course you that will come back to bite you at some point—so why not make marketing automatic?

Listen in as Jonathan and I walk through how to block out marketing time, treat it as a mission-critical deadline and be straight-up honest when what you’re doing isn’t working.


“It doesn’t happen if you don’t make time for it. Even when you’re not billing by the hour, it can be hard to create – I would call the marketing habit.” –JS

“Marketing should always be on your mind if you have a business. That’s part of the mindset, you never let it go.” –RM

“I think when you enjoy something, it’s sustainable. And if it feels like horrible, dragging work, you’re not going to do it.” –RM

“If I’m scared of it, it’s probably a good idea.” –JS


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