Knowing When To Innovate

Knowing When To Innovate

Just because we’re not trying to figure out how to land a rocket on Mars doesn’t mean we don’t have to innovate.

Jonathan and I take a deep dive into innovation in the service and authority space:

How to think of innovation when we talk authority businesses.

Warning signs it may be time for you to innovate.

How to deal with and ride the wave of a sea change—in the world, technology, attitudes, your industry.

Acting on the cues that it’s time to innovate.

Incorporating innovation into your business model and routines.


“Innovation is the opposite of resting on your laurels.”—JS

“Part of innovation is you’re testing the premise you already have and you’re asking where could it be better—where could I improve this?”—RM

“How does this create a new opportunity for my people that I could broadcast or share with them or some insight on what this makes possible for them?” —JS

“It’s understanding what your value is and finding the market that will pay you for that.”—RM


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