Is Selling Subscriptions For You?

Is Selling Subscriptions For You?

At least in the U.S., buying subscriptions has gone mainstream. We now readily subscribe to things we used to own—cars, clothes, software and more.

But now you can also buy services and experiences that way. Which begs the question: is selling subscriptions right for your business?

Join Jonathan and me as we dissect what makes for a good subscription sale, including which clients to target, which of your services might be the best fit and whether selling access might be a viable option.


“I think it’s pretty clear that the idea of subscribing to things that we used to own has become fairly mainstream.” –JS

“I think that our audience has an advantage because most of the people in our audience are solos. If you were trying to do this as part of a firm, it’s a lot more complex.” –RM

“The amount of money I would have paid to not have to go to the DMV was in the low four figures.” –JS

“If you created this subscription service in a certain way, you might find that it’s not your current clients that are interested in it. It’s a different kind of client.” –RM

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