Is It Marketing BS Or Genius?

Sometimes you pay a premium outside of the thing you’re actually buying, like for a particular experience or a lifetime guarantee. And so do your clients.

When you understand why your people are willing to pay more money for a particular product or service, you can build highly saleable options at the right price points—good for them and good for you.

Join us as we discuss designing your “best” options (hint: best is always subjective), the power of the story behind your offerings and why a $36 jump rope is a bargain to the right audience.


“When it’s real, it’s not BS.” –RM

“It’s not just the information transfer. If it were just information transfer, then everything would probably be a book or an audio file. You’d do everything in one medium. But you don’t.” –JS

“You’re not making it up, it’s your story but you pick the points you want to tell and how to tell them based on what the pull is between you and your audience.” –RM

“If you’re trying to help people who are into renewable energy, it’s going to be pretty hard to sell to climate deniers. Pick your battles.” –JS


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