Humane Email Automation with Jason Resnick

Humane Email Automation with Jason Resnick

As part of our ongoing 2021 email challenge, we invited email automation expert and NurtureKit founder Jason Resnick to walk us through how to humanely grow your list.

Jonathan and I talked with Jason about some of the best ways to think about and build your list, including how to keep it healthy as you grow:

Why getting clear on the critical path your clients and buyers travel with you may be the single most important thing you do.

Defining the singular purpose of your emails and automation.

Not getting ahead of yourself with “fancy” automation and why keeping it simple will pay dividends.

Making more sales through your email automation by meeting your buyers where they are and helping them solve their problems.

Another way to think about your “cold” subscribers and when/how to let them go.


“There are two trigger points in any purchase: one is the intent and the other is motivation.”—JR

“The faster you can understand your audience base and who your customer is, the faster you can make a sale, the faster you can help them and the faster they become repeat customers.”—JR

“Segmentation is understanding a group of people and who they are at the level where they’re all the same…and being able to tailor their experience according to that.”—JR

“What’s your critical path? When somebody comes in, what do you want them to go to next, what do you want them to buy first, what do you want them to buy second, what do you want them to buy third…then figure out what those conversion points are.”—JR

“That daily (or weekly) blast or broadcast or newsletter has a single purpose: and that’s to offshoot people into your next step…I always call it the “tell me more” campaign.”—JR

“If you’re selling virtual workouts, don’t give recipes as your lead magnet.”—JR

“It’s best to write all of these things (how you want the automation to flow) out in a document first and then apply them into the platform second.”—JR


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