Heck Yeah Headlines

Heck Yeah Headlines

When your ideal client lands on your website, you want them to shout “heck yeah!” because you’re speaking right to them.

So this week, Jonathan and I tackle “heck yeah!” headlines:

What your website is for.

Who your website is for.

What you want to happen in the first second a visitor lands on your page.

The importance of knowing the language of your ideal buyer.

What to do if niching down on an ideal buyer feels too risky.


“If your site isn’t getting you leads, it’s broken. It might as well be down.”—JS

“One attention grabbing headline can make all the difference.”—RM

“If you can articulate your client’s problem better than they can, they’ll assume you have the solution.”—JS

“Before you give up on the niche, revisit your messaging.”—RM

“There’s no way around it. You need to have conversations with your ideal buyers and REALLY listen to what they say.”—JS

“To grow your business, listen to your ideal buyers and then speak their language.”—RM

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