Fighting The Busy-ness Monster

We live in a culture that rewards busy-ness. With attention (wow look how hard you work), with perceived importance (they must be really successful to be so busy)—it’s very easy to start to equate our worth with how busy we are (or aren’t).

But running a successful expertise business is about more than being booked solid—it’s about creating the complete life you want for yourself.

Which is exactly why Jonathan and I explore:

How years of conditioning have wired our brains to believe that more and/or harder work is always better than “sloth”.

What happens when you move away from billable hours, where more work=more money.

The importance of building some structure—for example a system for lead generation—so you’re always “gardening” whether your business is in a peak or valley.

Why you want to hold a big picture vision beyond your business to keep you grounded and focused.


“It’s not uncommon for people to be like, I could never not be working like all the time.”—JS

“We’ve been sold with this idea that if you’re not booked that you are failing.”—RM

“You could be doing well, but if you don’t know where your next client is coming from, that’s not a great feeling.”—JS

““You want to find that balance of how much lead generation you need to do on a regular basis. That becomes your system—and you work the system.”—RM

“If you’re complaining about how busy you are, then that’s a sign that you don’t want to be that busy.”—JS

“We have a different version of what’s “enough”, but some people don’t have any version. Like ‘it’s never enough’ is their version.”—RM

“If busy-ness isn’t making you happy, then you know what monster you need to slay.”—JS

“The gift of having a business like ours…is that we have to reinvent ourselves because at some point, there is a sea change around us and…we have the opportunity to change before it takes effect.”—RM


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