Don’t Bury The Lead

Don't Bury The Lead

There is an old saying journalists probably still hear from their editors: “Don’t bury the lead”. The thing is, that excellent advice applies to lots more than a breaking story.

When you’re selling to an audience, your lead is: what’s in it for them? Not the features of what you do, but the benefits, the outcomes they value most. That’s what keeps them reading—or makes them hit delete (literally or figuratively).

Join Jonathan and me as we discuss how to keep your audience dialed in to your emails, conversations, website copy and pitches.


“Burying the lead in a conversation is just as bad an idea when you’re having a sales conversation as it is on your website.” –RM

“If you know what your ideal buyer’s pain is, and you can just say ‘hey, do you have this pain?’ That’s the headline.” –JS

“If you do nothing else before a conversation, an email, a point on the website, the way you’re restructuring your website, you just ask from your viewer’s perspective, “what’s in it for me?” What do they get from this page?” –RM

”You want to find the perfect language that will resonate with the people who you’re trying to reach, right? Well then you’re going to have to decide exactly who you’re trying to reach.” –JS


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