The Difference Between Freelancers And Business Owners

Do you call yourself a freelancer or a business owner—and does it matter?

We think it does—because much of the difference between the two is mindset. To keep growing, you must think of your work as a business—which means marketing, selling, finance. It means pinpointing the value you have to offer (and saying no when it’s not the right fit).

Join Jonathan and me as we delve into running a business vs. hiring yourself out by the hour.


“As soon as you hang your shingle out there, you started a business, whether you know it or not or like it or not.” –JS

“I think of a woodworker, for example, who makes beautiful furniture, but if you don’t have a way to sell it, if you don’t have a way to market it, if you don’t have a way to leverage the time that you put into it, if you don’t have a way to price it properly, then you don’t have a business. You have a craft.” –RM

“If you’re not making some enemies, you’re not making any allies.” –JS

“Freelancers, in particular, need to be reminded that it took a lot of courage to do that (leave their job). But the way to not have to go back and become an employee is to create a business around what you’re doing.” –RM

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