Declare Your Vision

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If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

It’s impossible to reliably build a profitable, sustainable business without a vision of what you want to create and achieve.

And yet consultants keep trying to do exactly that because the word VISION can be intimidating when it’s your own. Jonathan and I break it down so you can get clarity on yours.


– “If you want to make forward progress, you need to know which way forward is.”—JS
– “A vision isn’t something you change like your socks.”—RM
– “Get clear on the big picture first, and then you can tinker with tactics for the rest of your life.”—RM
– “Decide where to point the car before you mash on the gas.”—JS
– “Tactics are attractive because they represent a small commitment. Strategy is a big commitment and therefore it feels scary.”—RM
– “There is a ‘unified theory of you’ in there somewhere.”—JS