Creativity Can Get Messy

One of the beautiful things about our kind of expertise business is that we can let our creative flag fly—birthing big ideas, designing new services and products.

But it can get messy. Mostly good messy, but sometimes we need to get out of our own way to bring our “baby” fully to life, which is why Jonathan and I discuss:

Why you want to start with a sales page when designing for clients and buyers.

What to do with “sparks”—those tiny bits of an idea that light you up.

How to think about putting together your idea (aka does your buyer want the pineapple?)

Overcoming avoidance (fear), imposter syndrome (fear), and worrying your audience won’t like you/your idea (fear).

How to choose the right people to share your fledgling ideas with.

p.s. Spoiler alert: I tease my upcoming podcast “Soloist Women” just past the 26 minute mark, so if you’re curious…


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