Building Trust

Most of us in the consulting realm operate as trusted advisors—or at least that’s the reputation we want to earn as we build the client relationship over time.

So building trust, from the very first time future clients experience us, is mission-critical.

Join us here as we explore pre-sale vs. post-sale trust, the importance of consistency and clarity and how to make an impression that inspires trust (including on your website and in your marketing collateral).


“I feel like trust is just an implicit part of that relationship, and the more we can make it explicit, I think it’s easier.” –RM

“If we trust first, then the other person has the opportunity to trust back.” –RM

“I don’t even call it a sales call. I call it a sales interview, and it’s just like a job interview. It goes both ways.” –JS

“Tell me if you have a customer service person and I’ll tell you whether or not you should have a chatbot.” –JS


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