Ask Us Anything

Ask Us Anything

Can you believe we’re at episode #150 for The Business of Authority?

Jonathan and I decided to celebrate our third anniversary with an “ask us anything” theme where we played your pre-recorded questions and answered them in our own inimitable way.

What kind of pricing model would you recommend to a consulting agency that has traditionally relied on a retainer model?

How do you think international business and economics can and should impact pricing? I’ve seen agencies price certain fixed cost products lower in certain countries to make them more accessible.

How should small businesses consider reorienting their offerings within the current economic situation? Is now the time to be moving toward industries that are profitable or focusing on industries with high value problems to solve?

Do you have any specific tactics or strategies to get customers on the phone and ask them questions that will help you get insight into the problems they’re experiencing so you can better position and market yourself?

What are your thoughts on vertical vs. horizontal positioning and what sort of marketing would you do with either one of them?


“For a recurring model, I like to go with an advisory retainer where you’re not doing execution, but making yourself available at the drop of a hat to answer questions.”—JS

“You want to make sure that you’re not giving away so much that you can’t stay with the mission.”—RM

“Help people you like get what they want. I’m not a fan of chasing opportunity. I like opportunity to come to me.”—JS

“Who do you want to help succeed, who do you want to transform…and what’s that particular transformation that you make in a way no one else does. There’s your power.”—RM


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