Anatomy Of A Best Seller

  • Category: Books

Best sellers—especially big idea best sellers—don’t just happen. Even when they look magical from the outside looking in (like with our recent guest James Clear and his new runaway best seller “Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results”).

In this episode we break down the anatomy of a best seller, including how to articulate your point of view while building your ideal audience.

Join us as we tackle punching through the roadblocks to stardom in your category BEFORE you birth your book.


“It’s not just about your topic, it’s about who you’re serving.” –RM

“Delivering the content in advance – there’s so many advantages to that.” –JS

“It’s not like there’s one way to success. There’s certainly a formula, but the formula needs to have your essence in it.” –RM

“You kind of need to meet people where their awareness is.” –JS

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