Aligning Your Client Experience With Your Brand

At the risk of looking like we’re developing an obsession, Jonathan and I wanted to dedicate one last TBOA episode to the client experience.

This time, we’re taking on aligning your client experience with your brand. This is about so much more than your website—let’s face it, those visitors are mostly future clients. We wanted to focus on their transition to paying clients.

Listen in here as we talk aligning experience with intent, how technology contributes to the experience, our responsibility to clients and thinking of client satisfaction (an experience) as a product.


“Marketing and branding should not be about pretty pictures and telling a story that is not real.” –RM

“I can feel the difference when I onboard people now, I can feel them just sort of like sit back and relax.” –JS

“In an ideal world we use technology in a way that makes our brands stronger, that ties people more closely to us.” –RM

“My actual product is 100% customer satisfaction.” –JS


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