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Being The Right Amount Of Social

Getting social media right for your business is a bit like driving a stick shift—you have to find the right balance of clutch and gas or you’ll stall out. That balance is different for every car—a Prius doesn’t handle like … Continue reading

What’s Twitter Worth To You?

Not everybody loves Twitter. I get that. But even if you’re not currently in the Twitterverse, stay with me for a moment. Because there is something for your business in Twitter if any of these statements are true: Your sweet-spot … Continue reading

How Not To Suck At Social Media

Let’s just be clear, right up front. Building your audience—especially your social audience—means power. Power to spread your ideas, power to serve more people and yes, power to build your earnings. Can we agree this power is good? Then not … Continue reading

Using Twitter To Build Your Platform

Twitter can be a great addition to your arsenal IF you use it well. Try these tips to make it work for you. 000000

What Works For Me On Twitter

I get asked—too many times to count—how I ever managed to “win” just south of 200,000 followers on Twitter. The way the question is most-often phrased, I suspect they think I have one magical secret that will instantly catapult them … Continue reading