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Stepping Into The Spotlight

It’s your turn. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve done it 100 times or this is your first rodeo—stepping into the spotlight is a courageous act. It requires letting go, trusting that you’ve done the work and are ready to … Continue reading

How Introverts Can Thrive In Consulting (And As Soloists)

There is a stereotype of the rainmaking senior consultant as a slick-talking, extrovert. He or she is instantly able to command the room by the sheer force of their presence. They easily talk the CEO into seeing things their way … Continue reading

The Art Of Selling You

Yes, there’s a science to selling and marketing. And yes, there’s a book for that. Or 240,372 of them according to Amazon. The science says you take specific actions. You return calls and emails swiftly (as a form of respect, … Continue reading

Brand You: Dominatrix or Librarian?

When it comes to Brand You, the prevailing wisdom is that the I-must-be-obeyed warrior always trumps the let-me-help-you-learn-maven. Not necessarily. I once worked with a quiet, meek even, accountant. Let’s call him Lester. He labored daily in an isolated cubicle—friendly, … Continue reading

Introverts: Selling Quietly

In a world geared toward extroverts, the introverts have a decided advantage: they can sell quietly. How you can sell yourself and your ideas—quietly—but still create the buzz you need. 001000

Boost Your Speaking Fees

Consultants, authors and speakers often ask: “How can I increase my speaking fees?” And—so far—my answer has never been to reduce your price. Au contraire. Chances are a quick look at your pricing and your website would tell me that … Continue reading

Think. Speak. Repeat. Why Introverts Rule.

I’ve spent most of my adult life believing I’m an extrovert (thank you, Meyers Briggs). Yet my best stuff—the most original, bad-ass ideas—comes when the noise is off. Solo. In introvert space. Susan Cain covers this waterfront in “Quiet: The … Continue reading