Why We Need To Take More Risks with Emily Omier

You’ve made bold moves to get where you are, including having the guts to buck the norm and go solo. But are you still taking new (calculated) risks to build the business and life you’ve imagined? Consultant to open source start-ups—and confirmed risk taker—Emily Omier believes we need to take more risks.

Emily shares her gutsy story and what it’s taught her about risk:

What happens when you hit rock bottom in your life (while running your business) and must pull yourself out of it.

The difference between something that is risky vs. something that feels risky.

Why we—women in particular—don’t take nearly enough thoughtful risks.

The road from “mercenary” (where it’s mostly about the money) to collaboration (where it’s all about relationships and outcomes).

How paying attention to these two emotions will teach you what risks are worth your time and investment.



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Emily helps open source startups accelerate revenue growth with killer positioning. She writes about entrepreneurship for engineers, and hosts The Business of Open Source, a podcast about building open source companies.


The Soloist Women Mastermind (January 2024) A structured eight-month mastermind with a small group of no more than 12 hand-picked women soloists grappling with—and solving—the same challenges.

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The Soloist Women community: a place to connect with like-minded women (and join a channel dedicated to your revenue level).

The Authority Code: How to Position, Monetize and Sell Your Expertise: equal parts bible, blueprint and bushido. How to think like, become—and remain—an authority.


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