What’s The Point? A Value Conversation with Katie Burkhart

How can we do more of what we (and our clients and buyers) value—and less (or better yet, none) of what we don’t? That’s the focal point of essentialist thinker Katie Burkhart’s mission to evolve the way we work.

We explore:

The question to ask yourself before saying yes (and the freedom you give yourself when saying no).

Why work life balance is a myth when what we really want is to integrate the two.

How we have changed our collective view of what work really means (even if not everyone has caught up yet).

Why making an impact is “the caboose” behind providing value to your clients and buyers.

How to think about relationships without converting them to currency.



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Katie Burkhart is the mastermind behind MatterLogic, the only system for running a business in the value economy. An essentialist thinker, Entrepreneur contributor, thoughtful speaker, and jargon slayer, she shifts your focus by asking “What’s the point?” For more of her thinking, connect with her on LinkedIn and subscribe to WTP.


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