Top Financial Moves When You Hit 3 Revenue Milestones with Erica Goode, CPA

Have you noticed how no one talks about what to do financially when your business hits certain milestones—and then you’re left wondering what financial moves make the most sense? CPA Erica Goode is out to change that.

We discuss:

Building a solid financial base for your brand-new expertise business (and why it’s OK to start with a spreadsheet).

How shame around money can keep you from getting the help you need—and why you want to reach out anyway.

The value of consistency—in paying yourself a salary, staying current with the IRS and starting to direct funds to the causes you care about.

When to think about saving for short and long-term goals, including tax-advantaged retirement.

Being aware of your money mindset and where you live on the SPEND to SAVE continuum.



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Erica Goode, CPA is the host of the Coaches, Consultants, and Money podcast where she helps business owners get their money right. She also runs a virtual accounting firm supporting coaches and consultants with bookkeeping, tax planning, and CFO services. She’s a former Director of Finance at Walgreens and started her career as an auditor at KPMG. Erica also loves avocados and a heavy dose of sarcasm. She lives with her two kids and fellow-CPA husband in the mountains of Idaho.


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