Stepping Fully Into Your Genius Zone with Rachel Huff

You’re an expert at one thing that you know the market needs, but you’re feeling tugged to do something else—something that just might be in your genius zone. Do you go for it? Communication maven turned agency matchmaker Rachel Huff did—and she shares her experience.

We discuss:

The challenges of starting a new business on the cusp of a global pandemic (with two tiny children and no day care).

Generating the courage to pivot from what you’re very good at to your genius zone.

The importance of building a new pipeline after a pivot—and allowing enough time for it to jell.

Giving yourself permission to lean into your genius—even when other “experts” try to change your mind.

Why creating and sharing your point of view is so critical for soloists.



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Rachel Huff, President and Founder of Victoire & Co, sits at the intersection of great companies and great agencies. Her passion lies in building brand-agency partnerships that drive long-term success.

With a keen understanding of clients’ communications and business needs and a network of trusted agency connections, she specializes in guiding companies toward their best agency fit.

Rachel previously led business development and agency marketing at Weber Shandwick and 360PR+ and has consulted for agencies of all sizes, drawing from a decade on the account side developing integrated communications campaigns for brands including John Hancock, Verizon, Ocean Spray, DraftKings, CVS and Life is Good.

Rachel extends her professional expertise through her nonprofit involvement. She serves on both the Board of Directors and the Marketing & Development Committee for Rosie’s Place, the nation’s first women’s shelter and a sanctuary for poor and homeless women.


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