B2B Storytelling With Heart with Camille DePutter

It’s a conundrum: we know stories help make us better communicators, but we’ve also been told that too much personality “just isn’t appropriate” in a B2B context. Communication specialist Camille DePutter tells us exactly how to use storytelling to make an impact as a soloist.

We talk about:

Why storytelling is leaning into your thoughts, ideas, opinions, unique perspective and experiences.

The questions that will help you uncover your best stories (and the role shame may have played in keeping a challenging story untold).

Being both authentic and effective as a storyteller (hint: there is no one else exactly like you isn’t just a cheesy line).

How to not only excavate your best stories, but refine and polish them.

Why you might want to develop a story vault—and how to get started.



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Camille DePutter is a storytelling specialist who helps high-performing individuals communicate better.

Through her work as a communications coach, consultant, and writer/editor, Camille helps her clients express themselves effectively and authentically, so they can level-up their leadership, build their reputation, and make the impact they were born to make. Her client portfolio includes internationally-recognized brands, Olympic Gold medalists, world champion athletes, and highly respected founders, industry disruptors, and thought leaders.

Camille hosts the Storytelling with Heart podcast, is the author of two books, including Share Your Story: A Storytelling Workbook, and publishes regularly at camilledeputter.com


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