Soloist Women: Can We Talk?

Being a soloist in the expertise space is pretty darned perfect in most respects:

We get to burrow down into a subject that excites us, with the opportunity to become an authority in our field (with all the advantages that brings).

We have the freedom to work (and live) how we want, where we want and when we want.

We can choose to work only with the clients and buyers who inspire us.

We can even lead a revolution—transforming life and/or work for the tribe we care most about.

Life without a slew of employees is simpler, easier and sometimes even more lucrative. (Having been an employee, a partner, the founder of a 17-person firm and a soloist, I can attest.)

The only thing most of us are missing?

A tight circle of smart women—committed soloists—solving the same challenges in their expertise businesses:

How do you grow smart without complicated systems?

How do you design your business and revenue model so you can optimize your “wealth”—your ideal balance between revenue, time and flexibility?

How can you work not only consistently, but joyously, from your genius zone?

How will you make a lasting impact with the revolution you’re leading?

And yet, we’re not interested in the bro’ model of endless hustle.

Instead, we are all about focus, tight results and protecting our time so we can live on our own terms, doing what makes us happy.

And BTW—we aren’t interested in gimmicks or fluff. We want real people who will show up, do their work and help us with ours.

That’s why I’ve created Soloist Women: The Mastermind.

As near as I can tell, this is the only mastermind exclusively for women soloists in the expertise space.

And if you’re ready to make a big leap in 2022, it may be just the ticket.

You can read more about it (and apply) here, but if this is for you, don’t delay—the application window closes this Tuesday, April 5th.

Got questions? Reach out and ask away.

It’s time to take your soloist business where you want it to go.

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