Reaching Soloist Nirvana: Exploring The Five Mindsets for Success

Does soloist nirvana exist? Why yes it does…

Which is why Jonathan and I dig into the five mindsets that soloists can master to build their dream business:

The value of having an externally focused mission—and why it may take some time and exploration to find yours.

Thinking like an investor—how to make bets with high upside potential while minimizing your risk.

The role of experimentation in building your business—even when it feels risky or vulnerable.

Why you want to discover your genius zone—and become brave enough to align every aspect of your business around it.

Overcoming guilt to hire the home support you need to work at your best.


“The thing with self-oriented goals, the me goals..they don’t give you much direction. There’s like a hundred ways you could reach these goals.”—JS

“There’s no shame if this is not the life for you. But it does get measurably easier if you’ve got a north star that you’re shooting for.”—RM

“I feel like I’m totally unemployable at this point.”—JS

“People who are at the very pinnacle of this soloist life, they look at every decision as…is this going to bring me closer to where I want to be?”—RM

“Look, it’s a bet—you’re making a bet. And if you’re not a gambler…you want to de-risk the decision as much as possible.”—JS

“Every human being has these fears, like the zebra that lifts itself up out of the herd will get slayed by a lion.”—RM

“I think creating products is a great way to invest in your business.”—JS

“We deserve to have a great life and to enjoy ourselves. This is not about doing things that we hate for people we don’t like.”—RM

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