One Surprising Way You Might Be Outsmarting Yourself

When you’re trying to break through to a new level, you might believe that the others “ahead” of you (more revenue, bigger reputation, fatter pipeline) have their s*** together way more than you.

And hey, if you’re still working your way to your first $100K (a proxy for creating a sustainable expertise business), that may well be true.

But you don’t want to assume that everyone ahead of you is smarter than you are. Because you just might miss the perfect opportunity for YOU.

Like “Alana” who was firmly on the gilded hamster wheel. Earning in the low 6-figures, she wanted to work less and leverage her expertise more.

But she was stuck in a paradigm she’d built for herself by focusing on her business idol’s moves.

He’d built a huge email list and offered a $199 per month membership option which he used to upsell into courses. To the casual observer it appears he is earning in the mid six figures and working maybe 20-25 hours a week.

Seemed like heaven to Alana—so she took her 250-person list and attempted a membership option (spoiler alert: it’s a rare small list that translates into significant membership revenue at $199—you need volume to make those numbers work).

By the time she realized that this wasn’t the right strategy for her, she’d wasted almost a year, plus more than a few bucks.

The good news? The price of that lesson made her realize all the assets she DID have.

Like a highly defined target client with plenty of budget to buy her brand of transformation. Like a deep reputation for success within her vertical.

Eyes opened, she buckled down to experiment with what might work for her. Her style, her vision, her genius (and yes, she’s growing her list a lot faster these days).

The moral of this story: everyone “ahead” of you is not smarter than you.

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