Neutralizing Trolls, Vampires and Werewolves (Just Say No, Part 2)

Even after Halloween, the goblins abound: trolls, vampires and werewolves that keep you (and your business) from doing and being your best.

“Trolls are critics who gain perverse pleasure in relentlessly tearing you and your ideas down”, says marketing guru Seth Godin. Trolls can be a time-consuming distraction, especially in social media. The key to neutralizing a troll is to simply ignore them—this is what delete keys were designed for. If you don’t engage, they have nothing to work with. Period.

Vampires drain your lifeblood—you give them your energy, but get nothing back. The cringe-inducing prospect who demands your constant attention, yet finds your fees too high? Vampire. Ignoring vampires doesn’t work—it requires a stake through the heart. Or at least a heavy dose of garlic. Delivering a firm “no” to their demands tends to ward them off.

Werewolves lull you into a false sense of security. Easy to work with when things are going their way, they become scary beasts when their “trigger” is activated. And if you are in their sights, dramatic action is in order. A silver bullet—fast, precise and final—is the only sure cure.

No matter which demon plagues you, the key to neutralizing them is to work quickly, with conviction and consistency. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Swati

    Hi – what a great post! I just had a vampire in my midst – and it's interesting to see the various demons listed out this way. I am going to adopt this terminology as I encounter these ghouls (as it's more fun). And I am happy to say I got rid of that vamp…

  • Ray Keefe

    Hi Rochelle,

    Great post. I was reminded of a couple of vampires we know when reading your descriptions.

    Totally agree about trolls.

    We have been fortunate to not encounter many werewolves. But it is a good point. This is one reason you always insist on everything being document and scopes and responsibilities also being clear along with remuneration.

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd

  • rebeccasavekids

    I've encountered more than a few trolls and vampires in my personal and professional lives. Having a description and a name for them will help me identify them before they do such damage in the future – thanks!

  • Rochelle Moulton

    A recent encounter with a vampire was the inspiration for this post. Guess we all need garlic and pointy stakes at hand for emergenecies…

  • kerrycharacters

    Oh how true. Does it help to name them before we politely distance ourselves! Thanks for your spot-on advice as always.

  • samantha

    Love this blog! Its fun to put names associated with the types, and it all helps in the recognition that infact, you are not the issue the ghoul is…

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