Marketing Mindset

Developing a marketing mindset is one way to reliably scale an expertise business—and it’s actually easier than you might think.

To help you along that path, Jonathan and I dive into the whys (because you can serve more people) and the hows of naturally—and successfully—marketing to your audience:

How to think about “good” marketing so that you naturally build it into running your business.

Why your big idea—your mission—gives you everything you need to always be thinking with a marketing mindset.

Thinking about marketing as helping other people with your brand of wisdom—in ways and on platforms that suit you, your audience and your message.

Why sharing your biggest insights is a far better strategy than holding onto them for a select few.

How to scale your marketing to serve both your audience and your business.

Listen to the episode here.


“You don’t see good marketing and you do see bad marketing.”—JS

“Marketing is fun! It’s sharing your expertise and your mission—the transformational change you want to make in your audience.”—RM

“If the people whose condition you can improve don’t know you exist then you can’t help them.”—JS

“What we want to do with good marketing is to get an emotional response in our audience.”—RM

“Don’t keep anything back—share your biggest insights.”—JS

“Identifying your mission and the outcomes you want is critical to making your marketing work…what’s the transformation you want to make in your audience?”—RM

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