Let’s Talk Calendars (If It’s Not On Your Calendar, Does It Even Exist?)

If you’re the sort of person who captures everything you need to do daily on a post-it (or a Trello board)—and you’re happy with your execution—save your time and go read the next post. 😉

But if you’re not getting to the important things—the things that will move the needle on growing your business—you might just have a calendar problem.

Because if it’s not on your calendar, does it really exist?

Most of us need a strong visual cue—like the neon flashing kind—to keep working at the important yet non-urgent tasks.

The kind that can really push us and our businesses into new territory: developing a new product or service, writing a book, investing in game-changing research.

And if you’re already serving clients—scheduling meetings, working on deadlines—the easiest way to prioritize the important is to enter it into your calendar, right alongside your day-to-day business tasks.

When I committed to publishing my book, you can bet I blocked two-hour chunks of writing time in my calendar, every single day.

No one else could book that time—and I hit my laptop for those two hours no matter what else was swirling around me.

It was etched in stone.

Simple right?

Yet when you’re serving clients, it can feel hard—maybe even impossible if you’re booked to the gills—to create such firm boundaries.

But if you want to run your business vs. the other way round, you must.

That could mean telling a client no. Extending a deadline. Not taking on a new prospect.

Because until you clear space for the important, the urgent will keep mucking up your plans.

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