Kicking Off 2022

For this first episode recorded in 2022 after our holiday break, we decided to double down on powerfully kicking off this new year.

Jonathan and I not only tackled the objectives/strategy/tactics trifecta, but dived deep into ensuring you’re building an authority business around your genius zone:

The difference between objectives, strategy and tactics—and why the possibility of failure is essential when designing a workable strategy.

How to give your tactics the optimal amount of time to assess whether they are working—or not.

Making the decision on how you want to impact your ideal audience—and baking it into your plans.

How to think about growth so that you’re building a business that plays to your genius zone.


“The strategy should change the most slowly. Your strategy should…have some grit and sticktuitiveness about it, but the tactics are disposable.”—JS

“Once you position yourself (then you know what revolution you’re going to be leading, who’s your ideal client and buyer), then you can start creating a strategy to develop the products and services to monetize what you’re trying to do.”—RM

“Strategy is a concise high-level approach to achieving the objective by pitting strengths against weaknesses, usually in a surprising way.”—JS

“Sometimes we give up on tactics too soon. If we agree that strategy is a non-trivial amount of time, then when it comes to tactics, you have to give it enough time…to prove whether it works or not.”—RM

“You are making a bet that this approach is going to work and if you’re wrong, then you know it’s not going to work.”—JS

“Most of us feel actualized when we’re helping other people. It’s not really about, oh, I want to go to the spa every day…it’s about how can I help the people I care most about?”—RM

“Whatever the tactic is, you need to give it a reasonable amount of time for how long it’s going to take for the tomatoes to start growing.”—JS

“By designing the business so that it fits you, you can get to whatever income level it is that you decide you want to go for.”—RM

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