Just Because You Choose Your Next Move Doesn’t Mean It’s A Life Sentence

We have a LOT of excuses for not taking action—even when deep down, we know we need to.

Excuse: “I’ll turn off my existing client base if I niche down my message.”

Reality: Your pipeline—such as it is—is not even close to being filled with the kinds of clients you want to serve.

Excuse: “I can’t just fire that client from hell—what will I do with the hole in my schedule?”

Reality: Your energy is zapped from putting out fires and you know you’ll attract a much better replacement(s) at higher price tags.

Excuse: “I can’t just raise my prices—I’m already at or above most of my peers.”

Reality: Raising your prices when you’re delivering transformational outcomes is exactly what authorities do to signal their value.

We hold onto the excuse, even when our reality tells us it’s time to make a move.

Instead, just remember this: your next move is not a life sentence.

If you niche down and you don’t like it, you can pivot again.

If you truly miss that hole in your line-up, you can go searching for a not-from-hell new client or design yourself a new revenue stream.

And hey, if you double your prices and lose half your clients, congratulations on all that free time you just created for yourself.

My point is this: if your big change falls flat, you zig. Or you zag.

It’s not a life sentence.

Your clients, your buyers, your audience need to see you evolve and grow with them. Nothing you do will stay the same forever.

I’m not saying you always want to grab for the shiniest new bauble. Give it some careful (read: strategic) thought about how your next move works for where you want to take your business.

But if it makes sense, do it.

It’s not a life sentence (unless you make it one).

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