“I Don’t Do Weapons”

My client was offered a referral to a defense contractor that desperately needed her expertise for a pivotal project.

Her response: “I don’t do weapons.”

Her very clear refusal came even though she had room for a new client and would welcome the revenue.

But she didn’t hesitate because “I don’t do weapons” is a core part of her belief system.

She didn’t have to think about it, it just rolled off her tongue like the intrinsic part of her that it is—​she just couldn’t imagine a scenario where she would work for weapons.

Now, substitute “weapons” for whatever your personal kryptonite happens to be:

Underfunded start-ups run by a megalomaniac.

The client who is constantly in fire-drill mode and expects you to bring the hose.

Anyone who routinely begins sentences with “that won’t work because…”.

The bloke who manages to squeeze in a snarky comment about your prices on a regular basis.

You get the idea.

When you believe in yourself and the transformational outcomes you deliver to your ideal clients and buyers—you stand in strength.

You serve your best audience while building the wildly profitable business that best suits you and your vision of the world.

You do you. And say “no thank you” to anything else…

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