How To Reap The Rewards From Your Expertise Business Strategy

You’ve been at your strategy for a while—it’s been gaining traction—and then temptation beckons…

Like the prospect that asks you to deliver a fascinating, but off-your-genius-zone project. At a discount. An eight-hour plane ride away.

On the surface, you can make all sorts of arguments on why this could be a good idea:

“I’ve always wanted to understand more about _________ and this is my opportunity to get paid something while learning it.”

“This will be a good test to see if I can/should do more work in _________.”

“The client is so high-profile that I’m sure to win more similar assignments once they see me in action.”

Any one of these might actually be true and worth the off strategy move.

But if you’re running every opportunity through this sort of prism—and then always saying yes—you don’t have a strategy.

So next time you get a tempting offer, just ask yourself these three questions to help you sort the worthy from the unworthy.

Does this get me closer to my specific goals?

Say you’re just starting to build your speaking business. You’ll probably want to say yes more often than no while critically evaluating the time (including travel) you invest in each gig.

But if you’ve already built a small pipeline, then you’re ready to be more selective and sticking to your strategy becomes essential.

What’s the true investment cost for me to do this?

Work out the metrics, including the amount and value of your time (if you must get on a plane, count it as at least a day each way).

Add in a qualitative factor for its impact on your life—have to work a few weekends? Be away at a critical family time? Mess up your supportive daily routines?

And then compare that to how you might otherwise invest this time in your business ON-strategy.

What other opportunities will I miss?

Saying “yes” to off-strategy almost always means saying “no” to on-strategy.

Think carefully about brewing opportunities and painful choices you might have to make later on.

Bottom line: Is this sparkly new thing long-term better than sticking with the plan you’re already working?

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