How To Lose A Client In 10 Days

Being in the advice business, I’m always interested in hearing hall of fame/wall of shame stories about professional advisors. This time, the story is mine: meet my soon-to-be ex-insurance agent and learn how to lose a client (me) in 10 days.

Spend several hours of valuable time listening to your client. And then slap something together that meets 70% of her needs—that’s better than nothing, right? (If you can’t help me, don’t waste my time. Refer me to someone who can.)

When your client asks how you how to fix this, don’t return her call. And then, when your client calls you again to follow-up, lose her number. (Make me feel important to you.)

Spell her name wrong on key documents. And her address. And then, when you’ve been corrected, invent another creative spelling. (Yes, the little things matter.)

When you need additional information, arrange a robo call instead of calling her yourself. (Are you kidding me? Talk to me. Win me over after your mistakes.)

We all have these stories—and I’d love to hear yours. You can post them here or drop me a note and I’ll share the best ones in a future post.
p.s. yes, I’m accepting calls for a new agent!


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  • Pattie

    My favorites:
    – not understanding your client's business challenges
    – letting things fall off the table — commitments, action items, etc.
    – talking so much about your own personal "stuff" that you forget the topic of the call (and waste time!)

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