How To Adjust Your Mental Model Of What Is Achievable

As you’re planning for the next year, it’s always a good idea to take a look at your mental model of what you believe is achievable for you.

Because to keep breaking through to your next important business milestones, you need to keep adjusting your mental success model (kinda like once Roger Bannister broke the “unbreakable” 4-minute mile, other runners started besting his time on the regular).

Say you’ve been serving clients 1-1 and you’re booked solid, making a healthy six-figure income.

But next year, you want to work less without taking a revenue hit (and making more is calling your name).

Chances are, there is some part of you that believes you can’t possibly make the same income—much less more—if you work fewer hours. BTW—don’t feel bad about this. Most of us have been pre-programmed to believe we must work harder to have more.

Which is why you want to take deliberate action to banish that belief—like raising your price for your next new client.

Case in point: one of my clients gulped hard and then doubled their price for a productized service—and sold the work. Then did it again. Two projects with tens of thousands more revenue flowing directly to their bottom line. Without a single hour of extra labor.

You can bet their new mental model of what is possible financially just doubled. And they’re searching for other ways to leverage revenue even more.

Because once you ask for—and get—what once felt impossible, your next thought will be ‘I should have charged more!’.

That’s the power of your mental model.

Want more break-throughs? Keep challenging your belief system on what is possible—experiment! With pricing, with offers, with delivering ever higher-value transformations.

Because when you own the business, you get to decide what success looks like.

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