Growing Your Practice: Hitting Your Sweet Spot

Sweet spot: Where your story (and marketing) meets a rigorous business model and a winning (not whining) mindset.

Outrageously successful consultants, advisors and coaches spend a lot of time in their sweet spot. Why? Life is better there. It’s dramatically easier to draw the RIGHT clients, prospects and referral sources to you.

Ready to spend more time in your sweet spot? Consider these essentials:

Your story: What’s your bankable value? Do you have a clear, compelling story that draws clients, prospects and referral sources to you? Is your marketing aligning your unique talents and passions with what your clients need most? Are you engaging with the right people?

Your business model: Have you created the ideal business model that optimizes your revenue and growth opportunities? Have you fully leveraged your intellectual property? Do you have administrative systems in place so you can spend your time where it matters?

Your mindset and actions: Do you maintain a winning mindset or are you making excuses for why you can’t make a sales call? Are you taking the consistent, daily actions needed to build the enterprise you envision-–even when it’s hard?

Getting to your sweet spot can take some hard thinking and thoughtful insight. But there’s a reason we call it sweet.


  • Anonymous

    Yet another brilliant post! Thank you keep it up.
    Water The Bamboo,

  • Rochelle Moulton

    Hi Greg!
    Excellent to hear from you–I guess you could say this is all about "watering the bamboo"!

  • Anonymous

    You continue to hit it out of the park with your blogs. This is another thought motivator.


    Ed Rosenbaum, The Customer Service Rainmaker

  • Tim Pacileo

    Great thought provoker and motivator. I enjoy your blog and supporting material.

    Mr.BusIT – The Business and IT Alignment Guru

  • Rochelle Moulton

    Thanks Tim, and welcome. I love how you, Ed and Greg are branding yourselves. Nice job gentlemen…..

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