Get Different with Mike Michalowicz

Jonathan and I invited 8-time author Mike Michalowicz to talk not only about his Profit First and Get Different books (our favs so far), but to open the curtain on building a book-centric authority business.

He doesn’t disappoint:

How books have been a pivotal source of his authority (and a substantial slice of his overall revenue).

The role of his communities in concepting and testing book ideas—and why members who aren’t super fans are especially valuable.

Why incremental and real-life experiments are so critical to testing new ideas.

The value of going for small wins—even when complexity is the “better” solution.

Why being better is not enough.


“The stuff I put in my books is the same stuff I share on stage or on a podcast. But they’re devalued when we hear the voice, it’s eh, but once it’s in a book, it becomes biblical for some reason.”—MM

“Why I’ve written so many (books) is I am working on any number at any given time, usually three to four in the works.”—MM

“The book is the starting point for lead flow, but it’s the end point of the knowledge. It’s the best of what I have accumulated.”—MM

“I use my subscribers and say, “Hey, we’re going to concept—who’s willing to try this out?” But I will, to some degree, intentionally exclude people who’ve tried stuff out in the past, trying to always approach new people and learn from them.”—MM

“What a lot of people do in their writings is they make it so it’s not palatable and you lose the reader before you even get a chance to serve them.”—MM

“All my books are based upon this concept of quick, easy deployment.”—MM

“Being better is not enough. But many of us rely on that, we say we are better. Why don’t we gain more business? We have to be noticeable.”—MM

“The only experience people have with us before doing business with us is our marketing. And if our marketing is inconsistent with the actual brand experience, there’s a mistrust that’s going to happen.”—MM

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