Finding Your (Authority) Voice

There’s a thing that happens when you find your voice. You start not only reaching your ideal audience, but connecting with them on a deeper level. You both grow—and so does your business.

Jonathan and I take a look at this idea of voice:

What we mean by finding your voice and why it’s worth doing.

Why you need a point of view to dig into your (authority) voice—and how to build yours.

How constantly refining and testing your voice helps you grow your audience and your business.

The role of authenticity—and finding the right balance of being the real you with performing at your best.

How to know when your voice is clicking with your audience (or not).


“Your voice…is the most authentic connection that you have with your audience, but it’s not just about you. It’s about your ideas and how you translate those to the audience in a powerful way.”—RM

“If you’re blending in, no one can see you, right? It’s like having camouflage on.”—JS

“There are things you’re for and there are things you’re against, and that’s all part of your point of view and how that gets reflected and integrated into your voice.”—RM

“Look at Gary V versus Seth Godin. They’re both saying very similar things…but could they be more different?.”—JS

“A lot of it comes down to your point of view…it’s not about you. It’s about your audience. It’s about how what you do transforms your ideal audience.”—RM

“So you’ll have this idea, you’ll see this problem…but no one cares yet because you haven’t found a way to communicate it with people in a way that lights them up.”—JS

“We’re talking about voice, but it’s more than just the physical voice. It’s how are you going to translate that into formats that your audience can hear and emotionally respond to?”—RM

“The potential reason for the disconnect (when your audience isn’t responding to you) could be that you’re screaming into the wrong microphone.”—JS

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