Dreams Of The Soloist

When you started your soloist business, you probably had a handful of goals. Maybe they were modest, but then you started to see some success and think about what’s next—what’s possible?

Jonathan and I explore the soloist experience—the typical stages of success and the dreams soloists decide to go after:

The four aspects of being a soloist that you’ll want to consciously examine now—and revisit over time.

How to discover whether you’re a good candidate to hire employees for your business.

Setting financial goals for your business and deciding where your “enough” lies.

Incorporating time off into your work life (and the magic of boundary setting) in a way that fits your personal vision.

Building the right amount of flexibility—for you—into how you work, where you work and when you work.



“Being a soloist is awesome…it allows you to have some dreams that would be really hard to achieve when you’re working for somebody else.”—RM

“If you don’t have your objectives defined or the vision for what…all these things are gonna look like in the future, then it’s really difficult to decide what to do.”—JS

“Ask yourself: Do I enjoy the idea of leading employees? Do I want to inspire them? 
Do I want to show them how to do things? Do I want to mentor them? Do I want to listen when they have issues?”—RM

“Once you (replace your salary), then it’s like, all right, do I need more and/or how much more do I want?”—JS

“There comes this point where you start to look at the future and you think, ‘I’m gonna do this for the next 20 years?’”—RM

“It’s not like you need to alert the media and be like, ‘Okay, I’m not answering email between these hours or on these days.’”—JS

“If you don’t think about the intention for your business, if you don’t examine it, then it’s easy to let your business start to run you instead of the other way around.”—RM

“How much time do I want away from doing client work—doing delivery—so that I can either work on the business or play with the kids?”—JS

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