Do You REALLY Have Competition?

If you’ve ever taken a business course, chances are that competition was presented as a zero-sum game: you battle it out and only one party wins.

Jonathan and I explore why thinking about your competition differently can turbo-charge how you sell and market your expertise:

How to identify your competition in similar spaces (and look for non-traditional competitors you might overlook).

How the game changes when you view your competitors not as adversaries, but as fellow players in the same game.

Why focusing on your ideal client is a more sustainable (and memorable) move than trying to beat competitors.

How to use your competition to make positioning decisions that will attract your ideal clients and buyers.

What it means when you have no competitors.


“If you put a label on yourself, then people can Google for it and find a list of alternatives.”—JS

“There is this deeply ingrained thing in capitalism that you have to have competition…and that your job is to slay them.”—RM

“I know I do lose deals to people, but my mindset is that I probably dodged a bullet.”—JS

“Just kiss them goodbye in a nice way…’I want you to get the help that you need and I don’t think I’m the right solution.’”—RM

“If you have an abundance mindset, you’re playing an infinite game and you see your “competitors” as other players like you’re all in the park playing Frisbee.”—JS

“I don’t want to be apples to apples because nobody else is exactly like me.”—RM

“It would be pretty easy to come up with something where you have no competitors, but it’s because there’s no demand.”—JS

“We do create our own competitors.”—RM

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