Creativity Meets Courage

I had an interesting discussion Saturday with playwright (and producer, director) Del Shores just before seeing his newest work “Yellow”.

Del is known for comedy with a southern twist and has several hit plays and movies plus a TV series (“Sordid Lives”) under his belt. He is a creative wizard who also has the chops to successfully produce his work.

Listening to his story, I was struck by how much courage is required to put his work on display. Noted playwrights draw noted critics. And yes, their critical acclaim can fill the house. But the right thumbs down can also tank a fledgling project.

Let your work evolve. Del is known for comedy, yet his newest work deals with heavy emotional issues. What makes it so “Del” is weaving his unique brand of southern comedy into a tragic story: we were alternating deep belly laughs with copious tears. Dramedy anyone?

Be confident. Oh, and if you aren’t always feeling it? Take a deep breath and put your work out there anyway. Most smart, talented people doubt themselves at some point. Combat that by surrounding yourself with inspiring allies–you’ll catapult yourself just to keep up. Nobody benefits when you keep potentially great ideas under a rock.

Touch everything important. Del drops by the front office to check ticket sales. He gathers his actors before every performance for an inspiring huddle. He gives memorable press interviews—no shrinking violet here. And he stands at the exit (think Father of the Bride), listening to outgoing comments and connecting with theatre lovers. He promotes with gusto and an open ear.

So. Has your creativity met with courage yet?



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