Consulting Toolkit: Stamina

Sometimes, it’s not what you do or even how you do it, but how long you can keep at it. Case in point: Sunday night’s NCAA Women’s Final Four.

Baylor made an intense, no-holds barred 3rd quarter attempt to break UConn‘s 76 game winning streak. They thrilled the home field fans with their underdog heart and passion—until they hit the wall in the 4th quarter. Out of steam, they were no match for the Huskies’ relentless energy.

Stamina. It’s not just for sports. It’s the fuel that drives you to keep at that client problem till you know it’s solved. To make sure the proposal is exactly right. To attend yet another industry event to connect with future clients. To blog and tweet and Facebook when you’d rather go to the beach.

Need more fuel? It starts with doing work you love that matters. But that won’t do it alone. Take a break for a run, a bike ride or a yoga class. Savor healthy food that keeps you alert (yes, pizza can be on the menu). Seek out your personal brand of inspiration. Enjoy vibrant connections to your loved ones.

Stamina. The difference between good and great.


  • kiwigal

    I like that, I also think when one refers to a client it can be integrity working along side stamina. Stamina is needed in everyones life, interesting article.

  • Rochelle Moulton

    Hi Lisa,
    So true–integrity is essential! It's interesting that no one in consulting really talks about stamina–and we especially need it now to keep doing great work….

  • Mike Van Horn

    What about that Brittney Griner!?

    Another lesson, based on Baylor. When you go up against the best, and lose, learn from it, so that next time, you can come back stronger and smarter. This happens to all of us.


  • Rochelle Moulton

    Did you see Gino talk to her after the game? And wistfully suggest on camera that he might coach her one day (he's just been named coach of the US Women's team through the 2012 Olympics). Yet another good lesson–always be on the look-out for great talent.

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