Building Your Best Course

Thinking about designing a course or trying to tweak one that hasn’t quite caught on yet?

Jonathan and I lay out the seven steps to building what we call an “authority course”—i.e. rich compelling content that delivers valuable outcomes minus the usual hype, including:

Addressing the chicken/egg nature of developing an idea for your course with targeting the ideal audience for it.

Why building cohorts will improve the effectiveness of your course (and your future sales).

How to build your course materials with reasonable deadlines that match your comfort level with teaching the topic.

Why we hate launch hype and what to do instead.


“The majority of the time you probably are thinking of teaching something bigger than you need.”—JS

“When we’re trying to teach something that involves significant behavior change, that’s when I really love building a cohort.”—RM

“I found it (the cohort experience) drawing me back almost like a social media network might because I wanted to find out what happened with Jason’s thing that he was working on.”—JS

“When you have a cohort, you are actively engaging with them. And for people who are sort of natural teachers, that feels amazing.”—RM

“You do want to figure out what you think is going to make the most sense for you—not drain you, keep you energized, keep you engaged teaching the thing that you want to teach.”—JS

“I want to have a really clear direction (when prepping material). I want to know how many sections and what’s going to go in each one so that it makes sense.”—RM

“If we sound cynical (about launches), it’s because we are.”—JS

“If it’s right for you, I want you to have it. That is the (launch) message.”—RM

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