Behind The Scenes Of Daily Publishing

Thinking of automating more of your content posting and distribution?

In this highly tactical episode, Jonathan and I address:

Why frictionless publishing and distribution is usually the way to go (and what to do when it isn’t).

One publishing tech stack suggestion for low friction daily posting and sharing.

Working around the downsides of automation, AKA how to make sure your posts aren’t riddled with typos.

Evaluating alternative social media distribution options.


“It’s really important to make this stuff as frictionless as possible so that you can just stick to the really important piece, which is coming up with brilliant new insights and getting them out to the people who are excited to read them or listen to them.”—JS

“I schedule everything that can be scheduled.”—RM

“It (Zapier) gives you these little building blocks that you can just drag and drop or select from a list.”—JS

“I’m always looking for preset easy ways to do some of this kind of automation without making yourself crazy.”—RM

“A relatively new addition to my stack is Grammarly…I installed Grammarly on everything and wow—immediately addicted.”—JS

“Cutting and pasting my post into ConvertKit and sending it to myself allows me to see it like the reader does, and I will edit in ways that I wouldn’t otherwise.”—RM

“If you are just syndicating content to these platforms, your engagement’s not gonna be really high.”—JS

“Once you’ve gotten in the habit (of posting) and you’re feeling good, then look carefully at the social distribution of what you’re doing, because every platform is different.”—RM

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