Ask Us Anything 2

Jonathan and I received way more questions for episode 150 then we could answer in a single episode, so we decided to tackle a few more this week:

How to create memorable digital content and leads that build a pipeline of future clients/customers.

What role does social capital play on the road to authority?

Positioning yourself to value price engagements when your projects don’t have an end date—and you’re currently charging hourly or by retainer.

How to apply positioning in the context of music and musicians—is this process different when dealing with an “esoteric” specialty?

What do you see ahead for The Business of Authority as you hit 250 episodes in 2022?


“Show up with a posture of service and just help people. Turn strangers into friends and just genuinely care about helping—and do it as much as you can for free.”—JS

“You build social capital with your audience, i.e. the people that you resonate with…it’s about figuring out who your people are and building social capital with those people.”—RM

“The first thing you have to ask yourself is “am I going to be an artist or a business person?” because it will cause you to make different choices.”—JS

“You’ve got the opportunity—because you really understand your audience and the struggles they go through—to render them a unique service.”—RM


How To Make It In The New Music Business

Your Music And People

Kevin Kelly

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