As A Soloist, The Team You Surround Yourself With Matters Even More

There are easily millions of books and articles about hiring and developing your ideal employees to build a team.

But for those of us in the expertise space committed to staying solo? Not so much.

And yet the people we choose to surround ourselves with is one of the biggest predictors of our success and happiness as soloists.

Simple example: when my long-time VA left last year, I hired myself a bookkeeping firm that specializes in working with entrepreneurs.

They aren’t just asking questions, they’re partnering to help me make the best short- and long-term financial decisions for my business and my life. It no longer feels like something I have to force—it’s simply the way they do business.

Can I have an amen?

And if a decision that simple can build satisfaction, imagine if everyone you rely on as a soloist had your back. And took it one better—they pointed out the bumps in the road ahead of you. The ones you can’t see yet because, well you just haven’t driven there before.

The thing is, sometimes you have to take a big gulp and maybe even shell out significantly more to upgrade your experience:

The specialty lawyer to help you protect all that intellectual property you’ve been developing.

A virtual assistant who has enough experience to take things off your plate and get them done right the first time.

A CPA—or even a fractional CFO—to guide you beyond just planning for taxes and toward the well-managed business you want to own.

The coach who maybe even scares you a little because you know that when you sign on, you’re gonna have to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.

The way we move forward as soloists with the least amount of friction and the maximum amount of joy is to surround ourselves with the right people.

Is every single person on your team taking pride and joy in your success? Are they aligned with your vision? Are they bringing you new ideas and challenging the status quo?

It’s easy to just go with the flow, especially when things are working “fine”.

But if you’re ready to choose the very best people to be in your corner for 2023, it’s time to look at each of your team members and decide—can and will they help get you where you most want to go?

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